Amber Heard Teases Aquaman 2 Return As Mera With BTS Photo


Amber Heard teases her return as Mera, Princess of Xebel, in the upcoming, highly anticipated sequel Aquaman 2 currently slated for December 2022.

Amber Heard teased her return as Mera, Princess of Xebel, in Aquaman 2 with a behind-the-scenes photo. The sequel to 2018’s Aquaman is highly anticipated after the first film became the only DCEU movie to cross the $1 billion threshold and captured fans’ attention with its humor and light-hearted approach to the franchise. Until Wonder Woman and Aquaman were released, the DCEU was mired in dark thematics that stood in stark contrast to the lighter tone of the MCU. Aquaman changed all that, taking one of DC Comics’ most out-there characters and making him a star in the DCEU.

This is thanks, in part, to Jason Momoa’s charismatic performance as the titular character. Momoa made his debut as Arthur Curry in Justice League, but Aquaman saw Arthur return to the seas and eventually claim his title as King of Atlantis. What’s in store for Aquaman 2 remains under wraps, but Heard is set to have a prominent role as Mera. The pair started a romance at the end of the first film and the sequel will likely pick up with them back in Atlantis.

In anticipation of filming, Heard teased her return to set on Instagram with a photo that looks to be from set – though likely from the first movie since Aquaman 2 isn’t slated to start filming until this summer. The actress can be seen in her character’s vibrant red hair, wrapped up in a scarf and reading a book. Heard tagged Momoa’s Instagram in the caption. Despite this photo likely being from the set of Aquaman, Heard teases that filming is close for Aquaman 2, claiming she’ll buy a Kindle for her time on set instead of bringing books along with her.

Heard’s return to the DCEU has been a point of contention for some fans who claim it is unfair that she gets to hold onto the role of Mera while her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, loses his role as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3. The pair are in the midst of a highly public legal battle wherein both allege the other was abusive during the course of their relationship. Fans started a petition in response to Heard’s role, calling for her to be removed from Aquaman 2, but those calls have been in vain.

Rumors circulated that the actress was fired, but those were also quickly debunked and now filming is getting ready to kick off this summer. Heard is clearly set to return as Mera and she seems to have the full support of the cast behind her, including Momoa. Aquaman 2 is currently set to hit theaters in December 2022, making a reported summer filming schedule a sure thing as the DCEU carves out its future after an eventful past few years.