Marvel Updates Shang-Chi Twitter & Fans Speculate Over Trailer Release


Marvel updates the Twitter for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, stoking speculation that a trailer will be arriving any day now.

Update: The Shang-Chi trailer is now online!

The Twitter for Marvel’s upcoming Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has been updated, stoking speculation that a trailer could be arriving soon. Led by Simu Liu, the 25th film in the MCU was supposed to have arrived by now. Originally scheduled to be released in February, Shang-Chi was pushed back to July. A recent schedule shift saw Black Widow take its July 9 date and now the film is slated for release this September.

Recent leaks like Shang-Chi Funko Pops and other toys have given fans a glimpse into what the film could look like despite much of the mystery surrounding the film. If all had gone according to plan, the promotional cycle for the film would have come and gone, meaning that Marvel is likely sitting on the trailer and waiting for the right moment to release it. The studio recently uploaded a new trailer for Black Widow and Shang-Chi could be next if the social media activity is any indication.

Shag-Chi’s Twitter was recently updated with new profile and header photos including the film’s logo. The bio also includes the film’s release date of September 3. The account has yet to be verified by Twitter, but it’s likely Marvel is in the process of making that happen. The official account has yet to tweet either, but is steadily gaining followers as fans speculate that a trailer could be arriving soon.

With Marvel releasing four films this year, including Eternals and Spider-Man: No Way Home (though the latter is technically a Sony release and, as such, its marketing isn’t handled by Marvel Studios), Shang-Chi’s promotional cycle could very well be under way soon. Black Widow is set to hit theaters in July, a few months before Shang-Chi, but once the latter film hits theaters, the rest of the studio’s 2021 slate hits theaters in rapid succession. Eternals will come out two months after Shang-Chi, with the aforementioned Spider-Man: No Way Home sequel hitting theaters just one month later. Marvel will want to avoid crowding the market with trailers for each film, ensuring every one of their releases gets their due time in the spotlight.

Like Eternals, Shang-Chi is also one of two MCU entries that will introduce an entirely new slate of characters. Both Spider-Man: No Way Home and Black Widow are led by characters fans are quite familiar with. While that hasn’t tempered excitement for either, there is an air of mystery surrounding Shang-Chi and Eternals that the other two films don’t have. This pair of films will give unique insight into the exciting new directions Phase 4 of the MCU will be going and a trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will be fans’ first taste of that.