Awesome Things To Do in Anglesey Wales

While this piece of Wales gets skipped over, I think there are some awesome things to do in Anglesey. Personally, some of my favorite experiences from my time in Wales were on this “barely and island” island. It has a lovely coastline dotted with seaside hamlets, beaches and bays as well as a lovely pastoral interior dotted with sheep, ruins, and paths made for walking and cycling. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. So let’s start with the where because I know you may not know where this under visited piece of Wales is.
So when you look at this map and see Wales, you can see that Anglesey is the far northwest piece. At first glance, it looks as though it’s attached to the rest of Wales. But when you look closely you’ll see that the narrow Menai Strait cuts Anglesey off from the mainland. So technically it is an island. It is connected by 2 bridges, one of which we’ll be talking about. There’s no need for taking a ferry to get to it. So, while it’s an island, Anglesey is very accessible from mainland Wales. One thing to note is that the ferry port of Holyhead is located on Anglesey. This makes Anglesey very important as ferries cross between Ireland and the UK as this is one of the shorter sea routes.
So after a cruise you can then visit the Beaumaris Castle which I did not do. I did walk around it but did not actually take a tour of it. But from what I hear it’s a fabulous castle to visit. There are a lot of castles in North Wales! After your castle visit, stroll around the beautiful, colorful Beaumaris. It’s not very big but quite charming with its pastel colored buildings and waterfront. Once you’ve built up a good appetite stop into The Midland Tapas and Wine Bar for some delicious tapas and a glass of tasty wine. When you’re finished eating and drinking, walk around a bit more, soaking up the views. Beaumaris is an enchanting town so spending time here is one of the best things to do in Anglesey.
I’m not sure I would have found this destination if my friend hadn’t suggested it. Walking along the beach at Red Wharf Bay and watching the birds is an awesome thing to do in Anglesey. I couldn’t believe all the birds that were wading in the shallow water. I was going crazy with my camera! Then when you look closer you’ll notice all the sea life on the beach and the shallow pools. Low tide is the time to explore. This is a fun place for curious adults and children. If low tide times out so you can have dinner at the Ship Inn even better. This pub/restaurant is located right along the water so you can sit outside in good weather or cozy up inside if the weather is decidedly Welsh. The food is warming and tasty AND they have a fabulous selection of whiskey! Exploring Red Wharf Bay is one of the best things to do in Anglesey for sure.