Pri Kafolu

Tourist farm Pri Kafolu is one of those family-run accommodation where you truly feel like you’re at home. Add in a beautiful location with views to the Soca River valley and the surrounding mountains and it’s a wonderful choice for exploring the Soca Valley in Slovenia. It might be one of the best places to stay in the Soca Valley. Let’s start with some basic information.
Pri Kafolu is located near the town of Tolmin — a town along the Soca River. Tolmin is just southeast of Triglav National Park and northwest of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. This tourist farm, as it’s known in Slovenia, is specifically in the small settlement of Prapetno. It’s not difficult to find as most navigation systems will get you there without sending you down some random road. I used Google maps and found it easily. Just know that it’s not in a town, but in what I call a settlement, in the countryside. So you’ll be surrounded by fields, chickens, cows, a few houses with locals and lots of fresh air. Yet, you are close enough to the town of Tolmin so you have access to restaurants, shops and grocery stores. Note: It will be best to have a car to explore this area.
The house sits up a bit on a hill so has some wonderful views. It’s not a fancy or luxurious house, but more simple and basic yet quite lovely. There’s a good sized yard with a wood burning fireplace and a kids’ playset off to one side if you’re traveling with younger children. Tomaz, the owner, has a small bar downstairs where some of the locals drop by for a drink. I think this makes Pri Kafolu more of a local hangout which is awesome as you get to mingle with the locals as well as other travelers. You’ll find an outdoor patio at the back of the house with wooden tables where you can eat dinner on nice evenings, or simply sit and enjoy the views with your travel companion or some new friends. And there’s ample parking to one side of the house which is a nice feature.
As I mentioned above, Pri Kafolu is not luxurious. It’s simple and basic. So the rooms are simple and basic, yet clean and very affordable. There are 8 double rooms, 2 family rooms and 3 apartments of varying sizes, 2 of which can accommodate up to 5 people. I had a small en suite double room with a balcony. The bed is comfortable but I wasn’t sleeping with 4 huge fluffy pillows. But I certainly had what I needed in a warm comforter, decent pillows and a firm mattress. I had towels for the bathroom which has a hot shower with good pressure. There’s soap and a hair dryer as well. In the hallway, you’ll find a basket with extra toilet paper if you need it. For me the best part was having the balcony with its small table and chairs. It made a great place for me to sit and work on my laptop and to have a snack or a glass of wine and take in the views.