Yachats: A Beautiful Destination on the Coast of Oregon

That line sold me on visiting Yachats. And it’s a destination I’m longing to return to. So this week I’m leaving Europe and I’m going to stay here in the USA. This is a new take on an older post. But I really wanted to share my experience in this amazing destination in the hopes that you might add it to your USA list. As usual, we’ll start with the where.
Great question. There are things to do here in Yachats, just not much. But this is a wonderful place to recharge your batteries, to rejuvenate your spirit and reconnect with nature — and yourself. When I made this trip it was exactly what I needed after a 6 year relationship ended. I needed to find my way back to being me — to being on my own and being a single again. And Yachats was the perfect place for me to do so. So here are a few things to do in this gorgeous part of Oregon.
When I arrived at my accommodation, Overleaf Lodge (we’ll get to this fabulous hotel), it was raining a bit. But I didn’t care. Once I dropped my bags in my room, I grabbed my camera and put on my rain jacket and off I went. I was in search of tide pools. I was so excited to see all the creatures of the tidepools of Yachats, Oregon. There is a trail — the 804 — that runs just outside the hotel, along the rocky coast. I followed it north and found the tidepools. And in those tidepools were the sea creatures of my dreams: starfish of red, orange and purple perilously clinging to the rocks and bright green sea anemone that seemed to be waving hello to me. Barnacles and mussels were embedded into the rocks. The tidepools of Coastal Oregon are a must and one of the best things to do in Yachats. Even in the rain!
Just 3 miles south of Yachats is Cape Perpetua Scenic Area and Siuslaw National Forest. Cape Perpetua is a marine reserve and is a piece of Siuslaw National Forest. I love this area as you get both coast and forest. Yup. Best of both worlds! The drive is beautiful, winding close to the ocean — sometimes high above it and other times eye to eye with the waves. Be sure to stop at the viewpoints and scenic overlooks along the way as there are some awesome views as well as cool natural phenomenon such as Thor’s Well and Spouting Horn. The Cape Perpetua Visitors’ Center is a good place to get information on the area. You can’t miss it as it’s posted and will be on the left side of the PCH/101 as you drive south. There are 26 miles of trails at Cape Perpetua offering everything from old growth forest to amazing ocean vistas to colorful tide pools. This is an excellent spot for hiking and reconnecting with nature — and yourself. I hiked a 6 mile loop route, taking the Cook’s Ridge Trail to the Gwynn Creek Trail. It was eerie at first, stepping into this dense world alone. And now I was truly alone — single again.