Zack Snyder Responds To The Restore The SnyderVerse Campaign


As fans ask Warner Bros. to Restore the SnyderVerse, Zack Snyder finally responds to the fan movement and the chances of it actually happening.

Zack Snyder has responded to the Restore The SnyderVerse campaign. After years of fans asking Warner Bros. to Release The Snyder Cut, Warner Bros. and AT&T finally released Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max in March 2021. The film has been met warmly by fans and critics, as a noted improvement of the 2017’s theatrical cut of the film.

Snyder has shared a number of details on where the franchise would have gone under his direction. The Justice League sequels would have seen the Knightmare future brought on by the death of Lois Lane and Darkseid manipulating Superman. Superman and Lois Lane’s son would be the new Batman after Bruce Wayne gives his life in the third film to save Lois and prevent the Knightmare future. Various other members of the Justice League would be featured, including the Green Lantern John Stewart. Those tidbits, along with the reaction to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, have inspired the fans to started a new campaign to get Snyder back onboard the DCEU and for his plan to be finished with the Restore the SnyderVerse Campaign.

During an interview at Justice Con, Snyder was asked for his thoughts on the Restore the SnyderVerse campaign lead by fans on social media. Snyder said he is open to the possibility and would support fans’ efforts. Yet he also wants to manage fan expectations and let them know that at the time it doesn’t appear like anything will come of it anytime soon. Snyder said:

"I'll just say this. It is a concept that I think shows reverence for the work. In that way, whatever it results in I have no idea. Most likely nothing. ... The reverence for the work is something I would never dismiss or in any way say I don't respect. Of course, I would give my entire effort to support. ... If someone says to me no matter who that person is if they say to me 'I really loved that thing I wish you would make another one' I'm personally not a person who says 'forget it' because I think that is rude."

The relationship between Snyder and Warner Bros. has most likely been strained quite a bit in the past few years. Snyder has been very candid about his conflicts with the studio, with Batman V Superman and Justice League writer Chris Terrio recently sharing some of the troubles the two of them had behind the scenes with the studio. DC Films is said to have described Zack Snyder’s Justice League as a dead end. Snyder seems to have found a new creative partner with Netflix, who gave him the final cut over for his next upcoming movie, Army of the Dead, and is developing various projects based around that film.

Regardless of Snyder continuing on with the DCEU, he has laid the groundwork that the franchise is still building off of. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins even said that the other DCEU directors consider Zack Snyder’s Justice League canon over the theatrical cut. His legacy lives on in the characters he cast like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash as they continue on in their own franchise. Even spin-off projects like Shazam! clearly take place in the universe that Snyder established. While the DCEU has decided to move towards new characters like Zatanna, Static Shock, and Blue Beetle, someday down the line Snyder could return to the DCEU. Just a few years ago Zack Snyder’s Justice League seemed impossible, but now that it’s released, restoring the SnyderVerse doesn’t seem as far-fetched.